UL2272 Hoverboard 6.5'' Classic Type 2 Wheels Self Balancing Scooter Factory

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Shenzhen Imuse Technology Limited is one of the leading ul2272 hoverboard 6.5'' classic type 2 wheels self balancing scooter factory manufacturers in China. We can supply you with ul2272 hoverboard 6.5'' classic type 2 wheels self balancing scooter factory quotation, welcome to wholesale or buy products from our factory.

UL2272 Hoverboard 6.5'' Classic Type 2 Wheels self balancing scooter factory

Specification of ul certification hoverboard:


6.5''; Solid rubber tires



Over current/load protection

Motor locked rotor protection when motor winding temperature high


Cham battery; 36V 4.4Ah;

70-120 minutes for charging

0-40°C Operation/Charging temperature

Over charge/temperature/current protection

Max Weight

264Lbs / 120Kg; 7.5mph max speed


2A; UL 60950 standard

Over voltage/circuit/current/temperature protection


Type 940(f1) flame rating;max 120°C; IPX4

UV & water exposure rating

UL746C electrical insulation standard

Corrosion resistant metallic material

Colors: Black, White, Red, Blue, Gold or other customized colors





Outside carton Size



•For your safety, do not attempt sharp turns at high speeds

•Do not begin or end operation of the self balancing scooter on a slope, as this may damage the self-balancing system or cause it to function incorrectly.

•Accelerate and decelerate at a safe, moderate pace. Accelerating or decelerate acting too quickly may result in loss of balance/control and potential injury.

•Avoid riding over loose objects, cracks, raised bumps, or potentially hazardous terrain. Do not ride the self balancing scooter down steps.

•The self balancing scooter is capable of traveling at speeds up to a maximum of 6.5 mph (10km/h). The self balancing scooter will beep when it has reached the max speed of 6.5 mph warning others around you of your presence and speed. Be careful when operating the self balancing scooter at high speeds, riders should wear protective gear and be very careful of their surroundings.

•Do not use the self balancing scooter as a means of public transportation. The device is mean for personal entertainment only.

•Do not use self balancing scooter if you have a history of heart disease, high blood pressure, or are pregnant/nursing.